Copper Chimney Caps

Also called copper chimney shrouds, our copper chimney caps offer the refined, timeless look of a lifelong product. Built from 20-32 oz copper, our copper chimney caps are built to accent all types of architecture. Choose from one of our original designs, or create a custom chimney cap that matches your individual style. Outdoor Copper Design is also capable of matching existing copper accents on your home or commercial building, as well as creating historically accurate, period home copper accents for historic homes.

Belle Copper Chimney Cap Belle Copper Chimney Cap

The Belle copper chimney cap is our best seller. The elegant architectural design and flow of the Belle looks fantastic on practically every style of home. This copper chimney cap is shown with no screen and has a natural sanded copper finish. Additional photos: 01

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Sweep Copper Chimney Cap Sweep Copper Chimney Cap

The Sweep copper chimney cap is a nice way to add style and charm to your home, while also providing superior protection for your chimney. The Sweep can be customized to your home’s look by adding height or lowering the profile. Additional photos: 01 02

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Custom Copper Chimney Cap Custom Copper Chimney Cap

This custom copper chimney cap was built for a historic home in Tennessee. The homeowners wanted a simple design that would match the simplicity of the home's architecture and protect the 100 year old chimney. See the before and after. Additional photos: 01

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Natural Sanded Copper PatinaWeathered Copper PatinaVerdigris Copper PatinaLead Coated Copper PatinaCustom Copper PatinaNatural Sanded Stainless SteelNatural Sanded Zinc

All projects designed and crafted in Haubstadt, IN

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